Build financial models effortlessly with No-code modelling software to optimise cash flow. Based on your industry standards and empowered by patented Two-way® Technology.
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Do you recognise the following?

A lot of

Financial models are prone to errors and it is too complicated to share the business logic behind them. You quickly lose overview when optimising cash flows.

You need to be a specialist

Developing and maintaining these models is time-consuming and expertise is scarce, resulting in high operational costs.

A lack of

Financial models lack the possibility of easy scenario planning. It is hard to discuss down-the-road cash impact within your team, based on the most important business KPIs.

Metics offers the solution
two-way calculation imageTwo-way Technology

Two-way® Technology

Our advanced technology enables calculation methods you never imagined possible. Calculate your scenarios in two directions: bottom-up, but also top-down. Gain instant insights, while easily keeping track of business constraints and targets.

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Adjustments through graphs

Adjust your data visually by simply pulling graphs. Take full control of your most important business drivers in one overview, supported by visual indicators. Create business insights in a unique, fast, and interactive way, with all your stakeholders.

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Adjustments through graphstwo-way calculation image

Adjustments Through Graphs

Our Metics Smart Graphs™ allow direct editing of the data, leaving no room for errors and offering quick, easy to understand and meaningful insights.

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No-Code Modellingtwo-way calculation image

No-code modelling

Build your financial model without writing one single line of code. Our predefined and validated calculation rules, used by the industry, enable you to build high-quality models intuitively and without errors. Add sophisticated business dynamics effortlessly.

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Perform interactive scenario planning with your stakeholders to drive value-driven discussions and decisions.

icon of reduction in operational costs

More time for value-added analysis

Increase your productivity by gaining 10x faster insights through no-code modelling. Reduced complexity allows for swift financial data preparation and maximum time to be spent on value-added analysis. Or simply spend the extra time on new business.

icon of interaction with stakeholders

Increased interaction
with stakeholders

Conduct live scenario analysis with your team and customers. Adjustments through graphs fuel interactive discussions that offer fast and meaningful insights. The One-view dashboard allows for enhanced collaboration and keeping full focus and control.

icon of collaboration

Enhanced business decision-making

Use business outcomes as input for analysis with patented Two-way® Technology, and get insights in minutes instead of hours. Keep full focus on your business goals and stay in control of your constraints. With Metics, anyone can attain optimum growth, cash and value.

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'We believe in the Metics Two-way Technology because it revolutionizes the playing field of business planning and changes the way we manage risks, perform scenario analysis, and create business value.'

Vigan Dauti
Manager at PwC

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'The smart features of Metics accelerate the forecasting process.'

Hermen Dam
Consultant at BrightOrange

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'Metics is a product CFOs love. It’s exactly what I have been looking for for years.'

Jeffrey Janssen
Founder at CFO Netwerk

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'With Metics we fundamentally change the way how we interact with our stakeholders about financial effects and impact on multiple scenarios.'

Wim Vervoorn
CEO at Duurzame Transitie Groep

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